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Acuimar SPA

Our company sice from 2011, exporter and wholesale seafoods of Salmon , Trout and Other.

Types of business

Product types

We have stock 4 FCL x 22.000 kgs. , from Atlantic Salmon Trim D Industrial A IQF , packed by box of 20 kgs, really for loading , all certifications, for more details please contact by email.
SELL: Seabass Frozen HGT / May 4, 2019 00:39
We have stock 18 TM Seabass (Dosidicus Eleginoides) HGT , sizes 4-up kgs , frozen in land, origin Chile , we can send in 3 days , for more details please contacto email.
SELL: Giant Squid products. / May 4, 2019 00:38
We have stock and continuos production of Giant Squid (Dosidicus Gigas) origin Chile FAO087 fishing, season 2019, we have wing, fillets, tentacles and B&P of fillets, all packed in 20 kgs. box or bags, 2 FCL ready for shipment, for any consult please take contact with commercial department.
We have stock 4 FCL of Hake Hoki (Macroronus Magallanicus) sea process origin, fillets skin on, boxes of 20 kgs. , sizes 230-450 grams , product ready for loading, origin Chile, all details for email direct contacto commercial.
We have stock of Atlantic Salmon(Salmo Salar) farmed Chile origin, HON WR frozen sizes 4-5 and 5-6 kilos per piece, boxes of 25 kgs. or packing , all certification and license for Russia Market, stock ready for shipment 10 FCL all process season 2018-2019.-

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