Fishing & Fish export. Company CARGOTRADE LTD operates by the own fishing trawlers in Baltic Sea.  Main products in our fishing are Spratt and Baltic Herring. Our company uses different freezing plants in Estonia and Finland. We use either “air” or “shock” type of freezing and different types of packaging of the fish. Company CARGOTRADE makes the real export of the fish itself to the different regions of the CIS countries, East Europe, Africa and other countries. We can suggest our Customers the best quality of the fish, reasonable prices, flexible and good service.We can suggest all year around the following frozen fish such as a:   Frozen Baltic Spratt (Sprattus Sprattus Balticus),  WR-       the I-st grade -       the II-nd grade (for production purpose)  Frozen Baltic Herring (Clupea Harengus Membras), WR-       11-15 sm (non calibrated!)-       11-13 sm-       12-14 sm -       15-17 sm.If necessary, you can ask from us the following fish products and seafood:  Salmon & Salmon products (bellies, trims, back bones & etc).  Shrimps frozen 70-90, 90-120 pcs per kilo.   Mackerel & Herring, fresh frozen, WR  - all sizes.


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Reg.   11269159
VAT EE101065274
P.Pinna Str. 19
EE-13615 Tallinn
Dir      +372 505 3466
Phone+372 512 6357

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  Stanislav Zamogilnoi - Commercial director & CEO
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