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Rybolovetsky Kolkhoz Vostok-1, AO Tax No.:2536010639

Our speciality is ecologically clean frozen fish and seafood: Alaska pollock, Greenland turbot, Pacific halibut, perch, grenadier,rays, scallop and certainly, various crabs. The company's vessels fish in the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea, and Sea of Japan. Vostok-1 exports its products to fish markets of Russia, Japan, China, South Korea, the USA, and a number of European countries. Being a large Russian fishing company, we are a participant and permanent member of All-Russia Fishing Companies, Exporters and Entrepreneurs Association; Russian Far Eastern Joint-Stock Companies and Organizations Association; Primorye Fishermen Association. We are proud of work and its results seving for the good of customers.

Establishments and Vessels with EU Approval:

EU No.13B Vostok Orion (Factoty vessel)

EU No. 24F, Shursha (Freezer vessel)

EU No. 40K, Ostrov Iony (Freezer vessel)

EU No. 52H, Vostok Adonis (Freezer vessel)

EU No. 54H, Vostok Vega (Freezer vessel)

EU No. 55H, Vostok Sirius (Freezer vessel)

EU No. 66B, Vostok-1 (Freezer vessel)

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