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Murmansk Trawl Fleet, OAO ИНН:6518008000

MTF, one of the biggest fishing companies of Russia, harvests and processes finfish and shellfish in the Barentsand Norwegian Seas, on the fishing grounds of Spitsbergen, Yan-Mayen, Reykjanis, East Greenland and the Faeroe Islands as well as in the international waters of Northeast Atlantic, South Africa, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
The company employs a total staf of ca.3500 people.
MTF's main production force is its fishing and processing fleet of 38 ships.

Establishments and Vessels with EU Aproval:

  • EU № 01F Petr Petov (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 12G Novator (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 16B Boris Zaitsev (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 17K Admiral Starikov (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 19B Yakov Gunin (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 35B Admiral Shabalin (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 36B Aleksandr Mironenko (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 38B Vasiliy Lozovskiy (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 39B Boris Syromyatnikov (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 51D Ozernica (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 67C Zakhar Sorokin (Factory vessel)
  • EU № 83C Aleksandr Kosarev (Factory vessel)
  • EU № 93A Anatoliy Gugunov (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 94A Ivan Shankov (Freezer vessel)
  • EU № 95A Captain Bogomolov (Factory vessel)

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