Company Aka K.K

Company Aka K.K

Dear Sir/Madam Wishing you good business corporation in advance with our esteem legitimate company which was founded in the West africa Cotonou Benin, registered with the Benin Chambers of Commerce as import and export company. We appreciate for your company contact details which was given to us by our region business directory for us to contact your company to enabling us to start good relevant cooperation in the terms of ahead Contract which is now ready. There is contract supply of ( PRODUCTS ,E.T.C)the contract is coming oumeubelent from a well known organization here in Rep of BENIN, this is a contractual organization in the West Africa Region, and this organization head office is located in the West Africa. Now the office in BENIN want you to go into short Contract relationship that will last for 1 to 2 year only. Kindly confirm to us if you are ready to inter into a Contract supply with this Organization and do not fail to supply us your company products details, such as your products price list and pictures for our immediate submission to their office so that they will be able to contact you direct and discuss with you about more detail of the Contract which will favour your company and ours. Hope to have a good and a long business relationship with you. Best Regards, Mr,Karlos Joe .........A AkA"K.K" AGENT..............HOLIDINGS AJEDO-1440 STREET P.O.BOX-JERIHCO PHNOE-+22996341468 HOUSE LINE-65498623 or

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