Binom Company, LLC INN: 6500000578

Binom Company, LLC

INN: 6500000578
BINOM GROUP majors infishing and onboard processingof deepwater crabs and shrimpswith the main grounds in the Seaof Japan, Sea of Okhotsk and inthe Bering Sea.Binom Company and JSCZAO KUK (Kurilsky UniversalnyiKompleks) run a fleet ofseven dedicated middle classfactory vessels. The crabbers arefurnished with the necessary gearfor deepwater trap fishery, whilethe trawlers are equipped withdedicated shrimp trawl systemsand automated catch processinglines. The group also has a transportreefer, cold stores, officesand plots of land.In fact, KUK was the initiatorof the trawl fishery for shrimp inthe Russian Far East. The firm’sfleet pioneered the operations inthe West and East Sakhalin subareas,the North Okhotsk subarea,Kamchatka-Kurile subareaand in the Bering Sea.For sales both at home andon the overseas market Binomgroup produces delicatessenproducts such as brine and blastfrozen cooked crab legs, freshfrozenand cooked-and-frozenshrimp, alimentary and microbiologicalagar as well as variousfish species.The group’s production haswon recognition on the US andJapanese markets known for theirstringent quality standards.
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