Company Kompaniya Tunaycha, LLC INN: 6518008000

Company Kompaniya Tunaycha, LLC

INN: 6518008000

LLC “Tunaycha” Company is one of the most known fishing enterprises located in ecologically pure area on the coast of Mordvinov Gulf (south-east part of Sakhalin Island). Today it is difficult to find the person who would not know this company in fishing industry. The company employs more than 600 permanent workers, and during the fishery season it hires more than 1000 part-time workers. The factory annually produces 10 thousand tons of fish and sea delicacies. The assortment range of its production output totals about 100 items. LLC “Tunaycha” Company has been established in 1990 by Anatoly Ivanovich Filippov. From the very first days of its activity the management was oriented on the development of own processing facilities and introduction of state-of-the-art technologies with the purpose to provide an adequate quality of its production output. Everything was built up from the “zero”. The small wooden shed which have been performing functions of shop for processing fish was subsequently transformed into the large enterprise with its own refrigerating and freezing facilities, canning and caviar factories, and fleet of 16 ships. The automated lines were gradually bought, negotiations with foreign colleagues regarding cooperation, including talks with American company “Wards Cove Packing Company” were also in progress.

Thus, in 1995 the Russian-American joint venture “Tunaycha-Wards Cove” has been established. The result of cooperation is operating cannery set up on the basis of the American equipment with productivity 220 cans per minute. Mutually advantageous cooperation proceeds 11 years and is growing every year.

What is distinguishing products of "Tunaycha" company from the others? Certainly, this is quality of products manufactured from the freshest raw material, and modern technologies of its processing as well. The management and each employee of «Tunaycha» know that in today's conditions the trust to the manufacturer should be supported with care of safety of his final products. Cleanliness of production premises at the enterprise, the strict control exercised over all stages of production and technological process are an integral part of activity of "Tunaycha" company. The company has gained consumer confidence and manufactures products of high quality: the fish caught in ecologically pure waters of Pacific Ocean gets on processing alive, keeping curative and nutritious properties of a product vitally important for human organism. The industrial complex operated by LLC “Tunaycha” Company meets all international sanitary requirements; as regards its technological equipment and quality of the production output it has no analogs in Russia. Achievements of the company have been highly estimated by the President of the Russian Federation V. V. Putin who has visited an industrial complex “Tunaycha” in September, 2000.


23, Mira st., Murmansk

Tel./Fax:(8152) 42-85-36, (8152) 26-22-97


Leningradsky prospect, 47, bld.2, 125167, Moscow

Tel: (495) 788-90-90

Fax: (495) 970-14-86


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Product types
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Species: Salmon, chum Oncorhynchus keta
Product category: Freshfrozen, frozen fish and seafood
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Published: May 27, 2024
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Species: Salmon, chum Oncorhynchus keta
Product category: Freshfrozen, frozen fish and seafood
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