Company alimar a.s.

Company alimar a.s.

Alimar is the first surimi producer in Turkey. It was founded in 2002, and has become a member of Group Bostanci in 2004. With the start of the business, Alimar was producing crab Surimi’s under her known brand Red Tiger. Then the range of products expanded and Alimar had more tastes in its basket. In 2008, Alimar wanted to improve its business by producing delicious breaded fish and vegetables. After market searches and many product tests, today, more than 15 different products with many different packaging styles are provided to the customers.

Taking all the healthy and delicious facts behind it, Alimar was encouraged to be the first in its sector. The aim was to bring quality together with healthy seafood and give the best possible customer service to the consumers. Below are the product families that are produced by Alimar and presented to the market:

-Imitation seafood; Mediterranean delight (breaded crab tasting claws with real pincer), crab, lobster and salmon flavored surimi sticks. (In October, Alimar will start producing shrimps and squid from surimi.)

-Breaded fish products; fish schinitzel, burger and nuggets, fish fingers and fish chunks.

-Breaded natural fish portions; fish fingers, fish portions and natural fish fillets.

-Breaded vegetables; veggie burger and veggie balls, corn balls, falafel rolls.

There is a big potential in Turkey for food as the land provides home for about 75 million people. As the cities grow, the urbanization makes it easier to bring frozen goods into their lives; and people travelling frequently fascilitates ease of access to customers. In the meantime, catering companies are growing in capacity day by day.

There are not too many opponents in the market and different types of products provided to the customers. By offering new delicious products to this growing market, there exist a big potential to grow fast and even become the leading company.

Alimar targets to increase its quality level all the time by making use of knowhow and experience. It is expected to grow rapidly in the market and become a brand by working hard and using the right talents for the right business. The market is already showing contentment to Alimar’s efforts of bringing new and health products with technology and service.

Alimar has spread already its business to restaurants, cafes, hotels and all major National Supermarket Chains like Metro, Tesco, Real, Carrefour, Migros, Tansas and MacroCenter.

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