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We have group of companies:

Head of offices is in Estonia ( in 2019 we plan transfer head office to Netherland B.V.), but really plants place:

- Russian Federation ( Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Astrahani, Smolensk, Vladivostok)

- Kyrgizia

- Kazahstan


- Crimea


We have branch for trade business in Estonia, USA, Latin America, China

There are 6 Aqua Farm in Kyrgyzia where we have Equity in this business. Our staff is 23 peoples.

We have aquaculture farm for grow RAINBOW and AMBER TROUT.

Our capacity is 4 millions of whitebait today.

We have production capacity: frozen camera (shock), cutting and vacuum, smoked.

We propose following products from this plant ( Kirgizya):

- Frozen Rainbow trout WR, H&G, G, chainapack, v/u, steak, portions

- Frozen Amber trout WR, H&G, G, chainapack, v/u, steak

- Smoked Rainbow and Amber trout WR

- Canned products 250 gr iron- Rainbow trout 

Thus we can produce about 5 mt per day frozen trout (WR, H&G, G) and 20 mt per day chilled trout. We can produce 1 autotruck of finishing trout ( steak, portions and etc)

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