Company Westrybflot, ZAO

INN: 3903000159
Westrybflot, ZAO
INN: 3903000159
Company Westrybflot, ZAO
INN: 3903000159  

Westrybflot is one of the biggest fishing companies in Kaliningrad. Its fleet harvests herring, mackerel, blue whiting and horse mackerel. Along with fish production for human consumption the company also produces fishmeal and fish oil.

Establishments and Vessels with EU Approval:

EU No. 41C, Zamoskvorechye (Factory vessel)

EU No. 42C, Armenak Babaev (Factory vessel)

EU No. 43C, Staryy Arbat (Factory vesel)

EU No. 44C, Lazurnyy (Factory vessel)

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Contact information
Saint Petersburg and reg., Russia
Komsomolskaya str. 27-a Kaliningrad Russia
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