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SERVICES: A warehouse of 65 thousand tons in China / July 15, 2020 11:07

Company Profile
Dalian Northern Huanghai Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. locates in Zhuanghe port area, Dalian, Liaoning province, Zhuanghe port is a national open port, it’s the nearest port of Huanghai and Bohai from Japan and South Korea, 270 sea miles from Incheon and 560 sea miles from Nagasaki. There are more than one hundred aquatic processing factories in Zhuanghe, and the export volume of aquatic products occupies 50% of Liaoning province.
Our warehouse is just 100 meters from the quay, occupies the area of 29 thousands square meters and the storages of 65 thousand tons, including 17 rooms(62000t) with -25℃and 5 rooms(3000t) with 0-5℃, the high temperature rooms can be controlled separately. We also have a professional container yard of 20 thousands square meters which can provide container stacking service.44 thousand tons of our warehouse own the bonded qualification.
Welcome to visit our warehouse and we invite your cooperation sincerely.