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SELL: We are a company export seafood / July 4, 2020 07:08

We are a company export seafood, would like to offer you our product for your company with a cheaper price and best quality than other companies. The product we would to offer to you are :

1. Live Lobster , have 2 items : Pearl Lobster ( Panulirus Ornatus ) and Sand Lobster ( Panulirus Homarus )
2. Live Sri Lanka Mud Crab
3. Live Grouper
4. Live Marbled Goby
5. Fish Maw
6. Sea Cucumber

• Payment cash or credit

Please check our company profile that i attach, i hope you are interested with the product which we offer. For more information you can contact us at (+621) 54331949 or email info or website

Sincerely yours,
( Elia Kartika )
PT. Burlian Indonesia Berjaya