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SELL: salmon pollock cod / October 19, 2019 06:00

EXPORT price from 05 september 2019

Send fish poducts to countries: China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Eropean Union and other.

L/C is possible
Product Description Price in dollars per killogram. On terms FCA.

Pink Salmon bag on request
Pollock 20+/ 25+/ 30+/ 35+ on request
Fin Sole bag on request
Rock Sole bag on request
Yellow Belly Sole bag on request
Yellow Sole bag on request
Squid bag on request
Cod 0,5-1kg/ 1kg+/ 2kg+ on request

If you did not find the fish products you need in the price list, we will quickly select the assortment you are interested in. If necessary, we provide a full range of logistics services.

We offer you cooperation, as a result of which you receive goods from Russia with a discount of 2-4% of the market value!

Director: Yarunin Konstantin
Phone, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat: +7-903-912-89-72