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BUY: Looking for Alaska Pollock Fillets and skin / March 13, 2019 06:13

We are looking for mix container of Alaska Pollock Fillets and skin as below:

Frozen Alaska Pollack Fillets, IQF, Untreated,
Latin name: Theragra chalcogramma
Skinless, Boneless, pin bone out, 40% glaze, 60% net weight
Size:  2-8 oz, 4pcs per bag, 1kg per bag, 5400 kgs 540 ctns

1kg clear inner bag with rider card, 10kgs per white carton
Frozen Alaska Pollack Skin, EU Treated,
Latin name; Theragra chalcogramma
Block frozen, 15kgs / block, 30kgs  per white carton 6600 kgs 220 ctns


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