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SELL: Offre / March 7, 2019 12:06

Good morning,

We are a group that consists of two units of freezing, traitement and marketing of sea products, named SOZACOP SARL and CONGELADOS PESCA, located in DAKHLA (Southern Morocco).

Our unit can provide you with all products of sea origin. For example :

- pelagic fish (sardine, sardinella, mackerel, horse mackerel).

- Cephalopods (octopus, cuttlefish and squid).

- Baking (Crustaceans, Crayfish and Gamba).

- Fresh fish (sea bream, combine harvesters and sea bream).

- The net for all types of seafood.

And finally, we can offer the flour and the fish oil in case of demand.

Our assortment is characterized by its competitive price and quality which put us as Leader of the sector compared to our competitors.

Sir, Madam, if this assortment interests you, don't hesitate to contact us.

Best regards
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