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SERVICES: Offline POS Receiver - 2B in one go / June 20, 2018 02:08

1. Load the card given by us, so there is no due diligence need to be done. Receiver not working anymore on other cards as we lost 2 terminals this year May
2. Can download 2B in one go. Minimum loading is 100M
3. Ratio is 60 to receiver ( 55% bank | 5% card owner) , 5% intermediates , 35% loader
4. We are doing job in banking terminal, so no 1$ slip nor we can do video with *names written* as this can be done only with small player ( usually mall and hotel booking terminals). No banks will allow it
5. We are directly working with central bank governor for clearance, so pay out will be in 48 hrs if the code is set for full amount which is loaded
6. For futher enquiries or clarification, reach the mandate with person who referred you at
7. POF should be given after loading for us to facilitate the operation.
8. Attached the 20B download payment reference below to explain our capacity.