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In March 2012 the fishery activity continued developing and, according to estimated figures, through the month the Russian harvest in the Atlantic Ocean amounted to 118,400 MT, 8,900 MT up on February 2012. The contribution of Kaliningrad-based vessels amounted to ca.20%, reports

In 2011 Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency acting under the provisions of the Federal Law on Fishery has revoked 287 contracts with holders of capture quota shares, of which 226 were revoked on a voluntary basis and 61 under court decision, reports

HB Grandi's pelagic vessels finished their capelin season at the end of last week with 1583 tonnes of the quota left uncaught, or less than 1.50% of their allocated 110,000 tonne quota. Production came to an end at Vopnafjordur last week while at Akranes the last landings of capelin were enough to keep production going into the middle of this week, reports

In mid-March 2012 Knipovich Polar Research Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanography (PINRO) hosted a scientific council which discussed forecast for fish catches in 2013 and concluded that their dynamics could be mixed, reports

HB Grandi's pelagic vessels now have around 1500 tonnes of their capelin quota remaining to be caught and the skippers hope to catch what they have left this week. Ingunn AK has finished its season, while the others are still fishing - although currently sitting out a storm in the shelter of Gardskagi, reports
The results of HB Grandi's annual audit of its fish production have been received and the only verdict that can be given is that these are some excellent results. The audit is carried out according to International Food Standard (IFS) criteria and the audit carried out in January saw the company's fish processing plants in Reykjavik, Akranes and Vopnafjordur given a 98% rating, reports
The capelin season's end is approaching and this year there seems to be a good chance of the full quota being caught. It is of course impossible to say with any kind of accuracy just how long the fishery will last, but if the capelin are available through next week and the weather holds, the prospects look good, reports
‘We're on the Selvogur Bank after some time in the Skerja Deeps. Most of what we are getting is redfish but the saithe hasn't showed up since before New Year. But they come and go, and I have no doubt that they will appear soon enough,' said Kristinn Gestsson, skipper or HB Grandi's factory trawler Therney RE, reports
‘This capelin season has been one of the toughest because of the weather, especially over the last couple of weeks. Conditions have been appalling and have really challenged the ships, the gear and the crews. Many people have had a very rough time of it. We have been shooting on big marks in heavy seas and some people have seen their gear badly damaged,' said Gudlaugur Jonsson, skipper of HB Grandi's pelagic vessel Ingunn AK, now steaming to Vopnafjordur with between 1600 and 1700 tonnes of capelin caught in Faxa Bay on board. Ingunn is scheduled to dock at Vopnafjordur tomorrow morning, reports

In February 2012 the fishery activity continued developing and, according to estimated figures, through the month the Russian harvest in the Atlantic Ocean amounted to *** MT, *** MT up on January 2012. The contribution of Kaliningrad-based vessels amounted to ca.**%, reports

Fishing has been good in spite of bad weather recently and HB Grandi's capelin quota has been consumed rapidly. In the last seven days the company's pelagic vessels have landed 15,000 tonnes, leaving 20,000 tonnes of their quota still to be caught, reports with reference to HB Grandi.
The capelin migration that has provided heavy fishing for the past few weeks has now reached Breidafjordur and yesterday pelagic vessels were fishing eight nautical miles north of Ondverdarnes. Lundey NS took 1100 tonnes in three shots, and when we spoke to chief mate and relief skipper Stefan Geir Jonsson, Lundey was an hour from docking at Akranes, reports with reference HB Grandi.
HB Grandi's capelin production has been going very well recently and roe extraction began last Sunday at both Akranes and Vopnafjordur factories. The roes are judged to be 75% mature, and although this is not enough for the Japanese market, this still makes it possible to produce top-quality industrial roe. The roe content in the capelin at the front of the migration off Reykjanes was around 23-24% early this week and the start of roe extraction and freezing for the Japanese market is not far off, reports
Capelin freezing to start next week? / February 24, 2012 08:32
The capelin season has been going well for the last two weeks and now the roe content of the capelin and its maturity are approaching the point at which roe extraction and freezing can start. According to HB Grandi's pelagic division, this could be as early as next week. Last year roe extraction began at HB Grandi's Akranes factory on the 16th of February, but this year it looks like starting around ten days later, reports with HB Grandi.
It's a year to the day since capelin roe production got underway at HB Grandi's Akranes factory. The outlook for this year is that roe production probably won't start until the end of the month, for a variety of reasons, reports with reference to HB Grandi.

As per 15 February 2012 Russian pelagic fleet was targeting capelin in the Barents Sea, but the catch rates hardly inspired optimism, reports

HB Grandi: Shipping out, and stocks low / February 15, 2012 10:40
Markets for frozen capelin products are buoyant at the moment. Yesterday saw a shipment of frozen capelin leaving Vopnafjordur and this takes the total shipped out this year to 5200 tonnes in six shipments to date. The main destinations for frozen capelin are St Petersburg, Klaipeda and various Black Sea ports, reports with reference to HB Grandi.

Kamchatka scientists forecast that in 2012 the nation's salmon harvest will go down by **% to ** MT versus the actual harvest of **MT in 2011, reports

Yesterday HB Grandi's pelagic vessels, along with two other vessels brought in to fish the company's capelin quota, had taken 51,000 tonnes of capelin so far this season, equivalent to half of the company's allocated 102,000 tonne quota. According to Vilhjalmur Vilhjalmsson, head of department at HB Grandi's pelagic division, an additional quota is also expected to be issued as it seems unlikely that the Greenlandic fleet will be able to catch its full quota, reports

For the first time in the recent years Russian fishermen have reported smaller catches as compared to the same period of the previous year, reports

As per 12 February 2012 the total Alaska pollock harvest from the beginning of the year amounted to *** MT, thus making only ** % as compared to the same period of 2011, reports

In 2012 Russia has got bigger quotas for fishery in the waters of Iceland, Faroe Islands (autonomous from Denmark) and Greenland. In its turn, Russia has also allocated similar capture quotas to the above states, reports

‘We've been fishing for redfish and saithe on the Mountains and now we're off to the Hali grounds to finish the trip with some cod. We don't expect any problems with getting our ration of cod, as everyone agrees that there's plenty of cod everywhere. There's generally something that goes with the cod and there's a chance of hitting some good fishing on haddock as well,' said Bjarni Einarsson, skipper of Asbjorn RE when we spoke to him during their present trip, reports with reference to HB Grandi.

According to estimated figures, in January 2012 the Russian harvest in the Atlantic Ocean amounted to **** MT, **** MT up on same month of 2011. The contribution of Kaliningrad-based vessels amounted to **%, reports

HB Grandi: 1300 tonnes in four shots / February 9, 2012 08:47
Vikingur AK is now steaming to Akranes after a good trip in the Grimsey Strait with 1300 tonnes of good quality capelin on board, taken in four shots between yesterday morning and evening. According to mate Hlynur Gunnarsson, those fishing grounds have been kind to Vikingur as the fishing has been good every time they have been there, but much quieter in between Vikingur's trips, reports
‘It was perfect in every way. We dropped right down on the capelin mark exactly where we had been told it would be and didn't need to spend any time searching. We shot first on Tuesday afternoon and managed to fill the purse seine. That was around 1400 tonnes of good-sized, quality capelin, although there was some feed in it so it wasn't right for freezing,' said Gudmundur Hafsteinsson, first mate on Víkingur AK, reports
‘The only thing we're praying for is a good winter. Everything depends on the weather. If it's good, we can catch our capelin quota, but if it's the same as last year, it's clear that there won't be a hope of catching it all. There could be quite a shortfall there,' said Gudlaugur Jonsson, skipper of HB Grandi's pelagic vessel Ingunn AK, now fishing in poor weather 70 nautical miles east of Nordfjordur, reports
The graph shows fluctuations in HB Grandi's capelin landings over recent fishing seasons. The figure for the current 2011/12 season is a projection based on the Marine Research Institute's recommendations, reports
So far this year approximately 11,000 tonnes of capelin have been landed HB Grandi's fishmeal production plant at Vopnafjordur. 1200 tonnes of capelin meal was shipped out from Vopnafjordur at the beginning of the week and although frozen products have already been shipped out this week, this is the first meal shipment of the year, reports

According to estimated figures, in December 2011 the Russian harvest in the Atlantic Ocean amounted to *** MT, *** MT down on November 2011. The contribution of Kaliningrad-based vessels amounted to less than 14%, reports


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