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High-flying investment project called Russian salmon to be carried out in Murmansk Oblast will boost farmed salmon and trout production to 15,000 MT per year, reports

Several big projects on commodity fish farming have been recently announced in the south of Russia (the Olympic region of Kransodarsky Krai, Astrakhan and other regions). The region is the nation's leader in the sector, but a noticeable boost of commodity sturgeon farming and production of farmed caviar would provide for stronger state support, reports

Russian Agricultural Bank provided Russia's biggest seafood producer and importer the first tranche under the approved credit line with the total amount of RUR 2.8 billion for aquaculture development in Russia, reports

Ambitious plans for aquaculture development in Russia's North Fisheries Basin may enable national fish farmers to win competition with Norwegian salmon and trout producers on the Russian market, reports

According to the latest forecast of Marine Harvest (the world's leading seafood company and largest producer of farmed salmon, with presence in 21 countries and about 5 000 permanent employees worldwide), strong increase in global supply of salmon will continue for the rest of 2011 and in 2012.

New Zealand King Salmon has named locations in the Marlborough Sounds where it wants to set up eight new salmon farms, reports

Latvian sturgeon farmer Mottra is planning to invest one million Euro to expand its production basins by 50%, reports

During the first ten months of the current year 2011 Norwegian suppliers delivered more than 2.3 million juveniles of Atlantic salmon and 100,000 trout fry to one of Murmansk-based aquaculture plants, reports

Ukrainian fish farming experts are ready to share their expertise in sturgeon and carp culture with their Estonian colleagues, reports

Russia's Federal Fisheries Agency expects investment boom in the nation's fish farming sector when the Law on Aquaculture is finally approved by the Government, reports

The working group has finished preparation of the draft Law on Aquaculture in Russia for the second reading in State Duma (Russian Parliament), according to

On July, 28 "Russian Sea" Company ("Russkoje More") launched a fish processing shop at their Segozerskoje trout farm in Karelia, according to

OJSC «Russian Sea Group» (the «Company» or the «Group»), one of Russia's leading consumer food companies, today announces that it gained right to conclude contracts for seven fishing sites destined for commercial fish farming in Segozero, Vigozero and Ladoga Lakes in Republic of Karelia. The potential farming volumes on the gained sites amount to around 7 thousand tons of rainbow trout which represents around 50% of current farming volumes of trout farms in Karelia.
A new dawn for caviar / August 8, 2011 15:41
Caviar and sustainability is a pairing that many people would feel uncomfortable making, but a UK-Latvian operation believes it has both the quality and the eco-credentials to draw new customers to the highly-prized delicacy, reports
Washington, D.C., environmental group Food & Water Watch (F&WW) and the Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance (KAHEA) on Tuesday filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Honolulu against the U.S. government for granting Kona Blue Water Farms the first commercial open-ocean fish farm permit issued for U.S. waters on 6 July, reports
Umami Sustainable Seafood on Wednesday announced that it obtained DNA evidence confirming natural spawning of bluefin tuna at its Kali Tuna facility in Croatia, reports
AgriMarine on Thursday announced that it began to harvest its first crop of chinook salmon at its Chinese farm, reports
A U.S. aquaculture company will begin marketing beluga and sevruga meat and caviar later this year, reports

State-of- the art complex for sturgeon restocking and black caviar production is going to be built in the Russian province of Astrakhan near the Caspian Sea, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

Aquaculture operations in Leningrad Oblast surrounding St. Petersburg are showing good growth dynamics of the annual fish farming output, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

Three new research reports show that we know too little about how farmed salmon affect wild salmon, and that it is not communicated clearly enough what we do actually know. Researchers from Nofima are critical about the lack of correlation between the public administration's communication and the actual scientific basis, reports

A big sturgeon farm is being constructed in the settlement of Rechnoye in Russia's Republic of Dagestan washed by the Caspian Sea, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

For the first time ever a meeting of Honourable Ministers from the Asian region, with purview for fisheries in their portfolios, will convene in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 28-29 July 2011. The idea of convening ministerial meeting has been mooted around for a while, but a firm decision was arrived at the 22nd Governing Council Meeting in 2010, which was transmitted to the FAO for concurrence. At the 29th Meeting of the Committee on Fisheries (CoFI), April 2011, the Honourable Minister for Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Government of Sri Lanka, made a formal proposal which was accepted by the CoFI and it is now coming to fruition, according to Russian Fish Insider Report published by
Marine Harvest ASA, which is the world's leading seafood company and largest producer of farmed salmon, has reported its harvest volumes in the second quarter of 2011, according to Russian Fish Insider Report published by

The Spanish trout and sturgeon farm Piscifactoria de Sierra Nevada has started exportation of premium sturgeon caviar to Russia this year, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

Last year the company was duly approved for export to the Russian Federation under the number 12.00140/GR as fishery products processor (including fresh fishery products)

With the wild sturgeon stocks being in depletion, Russian private companies are increasingly investing in the production of farmed sturgeon caviar and the number of sturgeon farms has been rising in the last few years, according to the Russian Fish Insider Report published by

NOAA's administrator today will announce a new aquaculture initiative to help meet our country's growing demand for seafood, while creating jobs and restoring healthy ecosystems, reports
Prior to certification the farms are obliged to become accredited through training. They must show proof of a satisfying level of experience, qualifications and internal administration. Following the training, the certification bodies are ready to start certifying farms. The first accreditation training will take place in Vietnam on September 6 - 8. The cost of this training will be announced end of July, reports
The Global Aquaculture Alliance is introducing a new option for achieving the traceability required for Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification, reports
Codfarmers ASA (COD) and Atlantic Cod Farms AS (ACF) on Friday agreed to merge, reports

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