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In September 2013, Jeremy Mathis of NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory installed high-resolution carbonate chemistry monitoring equipment at the Alutiiq Pride hatchery in Seward, Alaska. The hatchery, operating since 1994, produces stocks of numerous organisms, including blue and red king crab, sea cucumbers, razor clams, oysters, and geoducks...

Located near Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Island Scallops is Canada's largest private marine research hatchery and first fully integrated shellfish producer. The company has pioneered scallop culture in BC since 1989 and has developed a premium hybrid "Pacific Scallop" for farming in local waters. But it is now facing a growing threat to its very existence, and OA may be at the heart of the problem...

Currently, there is an ongoing debate in the US on the introduction of genetically modified transgenic salmon. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received an application for approval of GM salmon for human consumption in the US. If authorization is granted, it will be the first genetically modified animal allowed sold to consumers, according to Marine Harvest...

AKVA group and its distributor Sinor AS, have secured a 23,4 MNOK contract with DunAn Longyangxia for delivery of a complete cage farm in a hydro dam reservoir near Xining, central China, according to AKVA group ASA...

AKVA group ASA and OJSC Russian Sea Group have signed a new contract for two complete AKVA Cage Farms to be installed in the salmon farming operations of Russian Sea - Aquaculture LLC in the Murmansk region, according to ARVA group ASA.

Oslo, 23rd October 2013: Morpol's consolidated operating revenue in Q3 2013 amounted to EUR 140.4 million, which was higher by EUR  32.9  million in comparison to the same period last year, according to the company.

(Oslo, 23 October 2013) The Marine Harvest Group achieved an operational EBIT of NOK 793 million in the third quarter of 2013, compared to NOK 73 million in the corresponding quarter of 2012. Cash flow from operations was NOK 559 million (Q3 2012: 237 million), according to Marine Harvest ASA.

Cermaq reported an EBIT pre fair value for the second quarter of 2013 of NOK 229 million compared to NOK 60 million in second quarter 2012. The improved result was driven by a tighter salmon market and stronger prices

In connection with the presentation of the Q1 2013 results, Marine Harvest guided a total harvest volume of 80 thousand tonnes (HOG) for Q2 2013 and the actual result was not much far from the forecast, according to Marine Harvest....

AKVA group achieved revenues of 222.1 MNOK (243.7 MNOK) in the first quarter of 2013 with an EBITDA of 10.4 MNOK (39.7 MNOK)
Reference is made to the announcement of 30 April regarding our intention to launch a voluntary offer for the shares in Cermaq ASA. As Marine Harvest has made clear, the condition for launching such offer is that the Annual General Meeting of Cermaq turns down the proposals relating to the Copeinca transaction
Marine Harvest ASA has published update of salmon harvest volumes after the end of first quarter 2013
Mainstream Norway has detected SAV virus in fish at the farming site Tuvan in Langefjorden, Finnmark, and is consequently suspecting PD at this site
Norwegian AKVA group ASA New has signed a contract with Russian Sea-Aquaculture LLC for a complete AKVA Cage Farm to be installed in the Murmansk region
Marine Harvest has sold the 31.3% stake in Aquagen to Aquagen's majority owner EW Group GmbH for NOK 173 mill. The transaction will trigger an accounting gain of NOK 136 mill in Q4 2012 and a liquidity effect of NOK 161 mill, of which NOK 89 mill in Q4 2012

With Russia's accession to WTO in place foreign Investors may be allowed to take part in the proposed privatization of Sakhalin's Salmon Ranching Stations

The Russian Salmon Company, a major producer of farmed salmon and sea trout in Murnask region, is working to build a more complete cycle of production

Some 300,000 red king crab juveniles have been released in the coastal area of the Barents Sea as Murmansk fishery scientists have called for state support to expand the operations to increase reproduction of this valuable shellfish introduced into the area from Kamchatka back in 1950s

OJSC "Russian sea Group" (hereinafter "the Company" or "the Group"), one of Russia's leading consumer food companies, today announces launch of the marine atlantic salmon farm on the site in Barents Sea, Murmansk region ...

So far little known Eretik Island in the village of Ura-Guba, Cola Peninsula, may soon become one of the centres for aquaculture development in Murmansk region. In its waters farmers are ready to install cages for Atlantic salmon culture, smolt is coming soon, reports

Thanks to multimillion investments into aquaculture Saint-Petersburg-based seafood producer Baltiisky Bereg is planning to raise its farmed salmon output to *** MT by 2013, reports

Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO) has summarized results of the nation's aquaculture sector in 2011 and confirmed positive trends in farmed fish production, reports with reference to VNIRO.

Marine Harvest ASA (leading supplier of salmon to world market and Russia in particular) has entered into agreements with the largest European institute for applied research within fisheries, aquaculture and food, Nofima, and the leading Norwegian agricultural feed producer, Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder, which opens up for establishing a leading Norwegian salmon feed company with a yearly production capacity of up to 500.000 tonnes of salmon feed.

In 2011 Russia produced ca.** MT of sturgeon caviar, **% up on the previous year. Annual production of sturgeon meat currently amounts to ca.***MT, reports

An innovative new welfare-friendly and humane fish harvesting system is likely to prove a focal point of interest for fish farmers and seafood processors visiting the forthcoming ‘Fishing, Aquaculture and Seafood Expo - from Sea to Plate' that will be staged in Glasgow, Scotland, in March 2012, reports

AKVA group ASA and OJSC «Russian Sea Group» announce the signing of the contract for complete AKVA Cage Farm to be installed in the operations of Russian Sea-Aquaculture LLC in the Murmansk region, reports

High-flying investment project called Russian salmon to be carried out in Murmansk Oblast will boost farmed salmon and trout production to 15,000 MT per year, reports

Several big projects on commodity fish farming have been recently announced in the south of Russia (the Olympic region of Kransodarsky Krai, Astrakhan and other regions). The region is the nation's leader in the sector, but a noticeable boost of commodity sturgeon farming and production of farmed caviar would provide for stronger state support, reports

Russian Agricultural Bank provided Russia's biggest seafood producer and importer the first tranche under the approved credit line with the total amount of RUR 2.8 billion for aquaculture development in Russia, reports

Ambitious plans for aquaculture development in Russia's North Fisheries Basin may enable national fish farmers to win competition with Norwegian salmon and trout producers on the Russian market, reports


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