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Forum / Buy fish / Is it safe to eat pre-packaged fish raw?

June 2, 2018 14:35

Clint Barton

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I like fish. In particular, I like salmon and tuna a lot. However, living in upstate New York means that fresh salmon and tuna is very expensive. The most economical option I have is farm-raised, prepackaged, frozen, individually wrapped fillets. For instance, I can get a package of salmon which contains a dozen or so individually wrapped frozen fillets.Now, along with my affinity for salmon and tuna, I also believe that best way to cook them is seared. Nice and (almost) blackened on the outside, but still raw on the inside. However, I'm worried that such frozen prepackaged fish is not safe to consume raw or seared. It just seems like all the extra processing that goes into getting to the supermarket in that form means it must be cooked all the way through.
Can anybody tell me if my fears are unfounded?

Please help.

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