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April 6, 2016 05:18

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I live in the far east of the Russian Federation in the Kamchatka region. And as you know the Kamchatka region is very rich stocks of living aquatic resources, or rather benthic fish species (Alaska pollack, cod, flounder, and many others), salmonid species of fish (salmon, chum, sockeye, coho salmon, chinook salmon, trout and many others), as well as caviar (salmon, pollock, cod, flounder, and more).All of these types of biological resources are very useful for human health and are composed of large amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals. So I will offer my services to find, purchase, send in any region of Russia you are interested in fish products produced in the Kamchatka region, the full support of the transaction, the provision of all necessary documents and certificates of quality for sending production. For any questions please write to my
June 4, 2020 14:27
arin christu
arin christu

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Hello !

Do you have also wild salmon oil for sale ?

Many thanks
Have a nice day !

Arin Christu
sc Best4pets Europe srl

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