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Companies - Russia - Commercial fishing - Fishing companies (45)

Country: Region: City:

Flotoceanproduct MSK LLCTax No.:7707787184
Russia, Moscow and Moscow reg., Moscow

High quality fresh-frozen  fillets of cod, haddock and saithe. Premium canned fish, TM Fish Menu

Sofco LTDTax No.:2508044467
Russia, Primorskii krai, Vladivostok

Stable supplier of fresh frozen fish to the largest processing enterprises of Asia, Europe, USA and Africa.

Westrybflot, ZAOTax No.:3903000159
Russia, Saint Petersburg and reg., Saint Petersburg

Major fishing company in Kaliningrad

Morskoi Meridian CompanyTax No.:7706297331
Russia, Moscow and Moscow reg., Moscow

Tymlatsky Fish Factory, ltd.Tax No.:8203002819
Russia, Moscow and Moscow reg., Moscow

Russian Fishery Company (RFC)Tax No.:7731414433
Russia, Primorskii krai, Vladivostok

NBAMR, PAO (Nakhodka Active Marine Fishery Base)Tax No.:6518008000
Russia, Primorskii krai, Vladivostok

Tikhookeanskaya Rybopromyshlennaya KompaniaTax No.:4909053889
Russia, Magadanskaya obl., Magadan

Binom Company, OOOTax No.:6500000578
Russia, Sahalin, YUzhno-Sahalinsk

Pollock AssociationTax No.:2536175101
Russia, Primorskii krai

Magadanryba, Ltd.Tax No.:4909056047
Russia, Magadanskaya obl.

Rybolovetsky Kolkhoz Vostok-1, AOTax No.:2536010639
Russia, Primorskii krai

Cheluskinec Export LtdTax No.:3025016390
Russia, Astrahanskaya obl., Astrahan

KamshatTax No.:5406763387
Russia, Novosibirskaya obl., Novosibirsk

Ozernovsky fish canning plant No.55, Jsc.Tax No.:4108003484
Russia, Kamchatskii krai, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskii

Astrakhan Fish RefineryTax No.:3016034882
Russia, Moscow and Moscow reg., Moscow

Maurispan Frigo Sarl
Russia, Astrahanskaya obl., Astrahan

Russia, Primorskii krai, Vladivostok

Amurrybprom, OOOTax No.:2721058970
Russia, Habarovskii krai, Habarovsk

Atanov Y.A., businessmanTax No.:231500123007
Russia, Krasnodarskii krai, Novorossiisk


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