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UAB Ramchos is  company, that has been founded 13 years ago in Kaunas. Since then, our mission is to create import and export bridge between Europe and Latin America. We are a growing institution, so we develop our activities rapidly and make efforts to satisfy our present and future customers.

We can offer help for business companies in finding right and reliable producer and seller of different frozen fish, seafoods and other food products from Latino America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru). Our aim is to help business and save their time in search, preparing paperwork’s and etc.

If you have any enquiries - please contact me.


Best regards,


Project manager

Ina Sapožnikova


Mituvos st. 5, 50132 Kaunas, Lithuania

Tel. +370 61588996

Types of business

Product types

Уважаемые клиенты, Низкая цена на гигантских кальмаров с сезона 2019: Щупальца 1790 USD / CFR / Тонна Филе 2100 USD / CFR / Тонна Крылья 1990 USD / CFR / Тонна Оплата: 30% предоплата и 70% против копии оригинальных документов. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь, если есть вопросы. C уважением, Директор проектов Ина Сапожникова ЗАО RAMCHOS ул.
Baby Giant Squid (Catch January 2019) (Dosidicus Gigas) Tentacle 100/300 grms 1.850 USD/CFR/per ton Tube clean 300/500grms 2100 USD/CFR/per tone Wings 300 grms UP 1.950 USD/CFR/per ton Whole 900-1200 grms 1900 USD/CFR/Tonne Origen PERU.
ORIGIN ARGENTINA 1x40¨ con 27 tons Pez Palo / Brazilian Flathead (Percophis Brasiliensis), Skinless, FBI Packing: 2x10 kg interleaved Reference Prices: C&F MAIN PORTS USD 3600 MT Pictures available. Please request! Best regards, Project manager Ina Sapožnikova JSC RAMCHOS Ašigalio st.
Hake Hubbsi Filets, Land Frozen, Skin off, Few pbi, 3x7kg Size: 60/200 grs CFR USD 3490 MT 1x40´´ - 27 net tons ORIGIN ARGENTINA Hake Hubbsi HGT, Sea Frozen, Interleaved, 1x14kg about Size : 150/300 grs CFR USD 1920 MT 5x40´´ = 135 Tons ORIGIN ARGENTINA Payment: 30% in advance and 70% against copy of original documents.
ORIGIN ARGENTINA Ilex Squid WR Jigger Caught Sea Frozen 1x12 kg abt polybag 100/200 gr - 10x40´´ = Abt 280 ton - USD 3070 CFR Main Ports 200/300 gr - 4x40´´ = Abt 112 ton - USD 3450 CFR Main Ports SHIPMENTS: END JANUARY / BEGINING FEBRUARY

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